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Soul Purge: Book One of the Chthonian Guardian Trilogy
Fall 2018

The Chthonian race is now long forgotten; rewritten and erased from our knowledge. Before these darker days magic was controlled, humans were protected and love was for the weak. The baobhan sith hid in the shadows, their evil only escaping into humanity in drips. Today the hearts of humans are flooded with the darkness that was once carefully balanced by the Queen of the Chthonians and her illustrious court of Guardians.

Rashu makes one grave mistake that puts our whole world in jeopardy.

Follow along as the world unravels in an unforgettable tale of love and betrayal.



Summer 2019

In a dystopian society that is masquerading as a Utopian society, we will learn to question everything.

Our number 1 question is: Are we real?

Meet the replacement kids from C.I.R.F. (Child Insurance Replacement Facility) and follow along as we learn what it’s like to grow up as a backup kid. Can we conform and become exact copies of genetic donors or will we struggle with who it is we are really meant to be? We are vivamus, and these are our stories.


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